Sion Milosky paddles into the biggest wave EVER…

Daniel Russo creates a behind the scenes short documentary on Sion Milosky and his pursuit to catch the largest wave ever.
Nathan Fletcher: “That was the biggest thing I seen anyone paddle into, ever”
Shane Dorian: “Hands down the biggest wave I’ve seen anyone paddle into.”

Sion Milosky Biggest Wave Ever Paddled into from on Vimeo.

Jamie O’Brien: “I looked down that wave and I have never seen a bigger wave before.”
Daniel Russo: “I’ve seen Garrett paddle into some big waves at Outer Logs, but this is by far the biggest one anyone has paddled into this winter so far…maybe ever.”
Gordan Merchant: “I was watching this day at my house and I would call this at least 30 foot Hawaiian. I would never have thought Sion was on that wave until I saw the e-mail with the images. The biggest wave I have ever seen anyone paddle into to.”
Bold Claims from big names. As you can see from his peers words, Sion Miloski — Hawaii’s latest addition to the big-wave paddle brethren — is legit. Here he describes what led him to big waves and this wave in particular, what many of the games best are calling the biggest paddle in to date. Via :

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The Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Building on the success of its Automobile counterpart, The Quail Motorcycle Gathering will offer a spectacular display of classic sports and racing bikes lined up on the pristine lawn of the Driving Range at Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club on Saturday, May 14.

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Late surfer’s wife gives birth to boy

Congratulations roll in for Lyndie Irons and the first child of the champion waterman

Lyndie Irons, widow of the late surfing champion Andy Irons, gave birth to their son on Kauai yesterday.
Andrew Axel Irons was born via Caesarean section about 8 a.m. yesterday. “Mom and baby are doing fine,” said Jodi Wilmott, spokeswoman of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.A three-time world surfing champion, Irons, 32, died Nov. 2 in Dallas. The cause of death is under investigation. Irons’ wife was seven months pregnant at the time of his death. Andrew is their first child… Read more

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Reports of 40-foot waves off the west coast

Surfers say weather conditions off the west coast combined perfectly to create huge waves of up to 40 feet high yesterday.

Surfers have said weather conditions off the west coast of Ireland combined perfectly to create huge waves of up to 40 feet (12m) high yesterday.
One of the surfers, Andrew Cotton, from Devon in England, is photographed on the front of today’s Irish Times.
He says everything came together for the wave to happen… Read more

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Hermès chiefs warn off Arnault

By Scheherazade Daneshkhu in Paris

The men at the helm of Hermès International have called on Bernard Arnault, head of the LVMH luxury goods group, to withdraw from the scarves and handbags group.
They called LVMH’s surprise swoop on 17.1 per cent of the tightly held capital last month as an “attack.” In an interview with the Financial Times, Patrick Thomas, chief executive, and Bertrand Puech, chairman of Hermès, made it clear that LVMH’s €1.45bn ($2bn) investment was unwelcome and the stealthy raid on Hermès, that began in 2008 using equity swaps, was not “friendly,” contrary to Mr Arnault’s declarations.
“It’s clear his intention is to take over the company and the family will resist that,” said the impeccably groomed Mr Thomas, who in 2006 became the first non-family chief executive… Read more

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Cholera Cases Detected in Haitian Capital

Haitian health workers and humanitarian aid groups are grappling with the first outbreak of cholera in rural Haiti in a century.

They are hoping to keep the deadly disease from reaching the squalid camps of earthquake survivors in the capital, Port-au-Prince.
Health officials say the death toll from the cholera outbreak is at least 208, including 50 prison inmates.
Officials say the disease has sickened more than 2,600 people, mostly in the Artibonite region of central Haiti.
A contaminated river is the suspected source of infection… Read more

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Surfing Heritage Foundation to Hold Longboard Collector Club Meeting and Swap Meet

The Surfing Heritage Foundation is proud to hold the Longboard Board Collector Club’s monthly October meeting at the Surfing Heritage’s main archive in San Clemente on Saturday, October 23rd from dawn till noon.

The Longboard Collector Club is an organization comprised of serious collectors, looking to buy, sell or trade vintage boards, books, and other items related to the surfing lifestyle. The program is free and open to the public. If you have any surfing related collectables you are welcome to join in.

The event will also feature renowned author, Matt Warshaw, who will be signing his latest book, “The History of Surfing” from 10 a.m. till noon. Warshaw also wrote The Encyclopedia of Surfing, “Surf Movie Tonite! Surf Movie Poster Art, 1957 -2005”, the Ron Stoner book and was managing editor of Surfing magazine from 1985 to 1990.

Additionally, the Surfing Heritage’s showroom will be open to the public featuring the world’s largest collection of wood surfboards and other items from surfing’s past. Dick Metz, the Heritages co-founder stated, “We are always excited to see the Longboard Collector Club here at the Foundation; they continually bring something that no one has seen for years that represent a rare piece of surfing’s history. It’s a great group of individuals that truly take surfing’s history to heart”.
Read more

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